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Car Insurance FAQ

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How do I buy car insurance online?
Simply click on the link above and fill out a short form and a few car insurance agents will contact you within a day to quote you on your car insurance.

Is it really safe to get car insurance online?
Of course! The web has proven to be a very efficient way for price savy consumers to do quote comparisons for car insurance quotes when shopping for insurance. The majority of online insurance providers are safe legit companies that are safe to do business online with. If you have any reason to believe otherwise, check with your local government's website or ask for their business ID and check with the BBB.

Can I get any car insurance company to sell insurance to me?
Well this will depend on your driving record. Legally, yes any car insurance company doing business in your state can insure you. However, if you have a bad driving record, then some companies might think twice about offering you auto insurance. Most of the larger companies such as Geico, AIG, Progressive or 21st Century will still offer you insurance, but just at a higher cost if you have a bad record.

What to watch out for while shopping for car insurance online?
Car insurance companies online might offer you a lower rate than a brick and mortar only company in order to get your business because they know you can just go to any site to get auto insurance quotes. Make sure while comparing prices and car insurance quotes, that you provide the same information about yourself or your quote request might not be as accurate as needed to compare rates. Also, be sure you are asking about the samelevels of coverage since the price of a policy depends on how much coverage you are interested.

Is it safe to give out personal information when I request a car insurance quote on the internet?
Most advertised car insurance companies on the Internet are legitimate providers and will be upfront. Just make sure you don't read through your spam emails and click on any of those links. Those spammers will end up storing your information and sell it a bunch of times and then respam you again because they know you will respond to spam.

If I try to buy car insurance online will I get my policy from the company who runs the website?
Typically, the answer is yes for companies such as 21st Century, Geico or Progressive. However, there are a few other sites out there that will help you do the comparsion shopping and send your info to a few car insurance agents.

How do I file a claim with an online car insurance company?
Filing a claim via an online car insurance company is just about the same as with any other car insurance company. You usually have to phone your car insurance to get details and more detailed instructions on filing a claim. It is just as easy as if you had purchased your car insurance from a local insurance agent.

Can an online car insurance provider get me the lowest rate?
One advantage that online car insurance websites have is that they will represent multiple car insurance carriers. This allows them to give you quotes from multiple insurance carriers, and helps you to find the cheapest insurance provider.

Is it faster to purchase car insurance online instead of from a local auto insurance agent?
This will depend on whether the website selling the auto insurance is run by the insurance carrier or just a reseller. There is really no way to tell except to read each companies website or try emailing them for a response. In some cases the online insurer can issue a policy online and give you a proof of insurance form to print out for your records if you need the insurance instantly.

How do I contact my stateís local Insurance Commissioner to check out on an online car insurance company?
You can search the web for your stateís Insurance Commissionerís Office website, or you can call them on the phone.

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